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are you listening now?

Painfully wonderful is the display and preparation for the the toy. For starters, my toys and I love this very heavily boned corset set. The upper torso and head are held almost motionless. Distress will be seen, but from the ribs up the toy will tend to move as a single, solid piece.

The rope to its hair and the ankle bindings keep the toy upright and from moving in response to the clamps that stretch its nipples, clit and nose. I hold the controller in my hand and cannot wait to see and hear the responses to the electrical shocks I will soon administer.

It will be some time before the modified TENS unit starts to work on my toy. It is pleasant simply to sit and watch the toy cope with it’s bondage and painful clamping and stretching of it’s tender bits. I have used tent hitches in those ropes so that I can adjust them, making them tighter and tighter as time goes by.

The shocks will start when the toy has completely forgotten about the wires soldered to the clamps and thinks only of the pain in its tightly stretched bits.