collaredlez: The first time Mistress Bethany whored me out, I…


The first time Mistress Bethany whored me out, I was so nervous. I had only ever been with her, and now she expected me to let a complete stranger have her way with me? It seemed inconceivable. Yet here I was, walking into the office of some nameless lawyer, clad in nothing but pink underwear underneath my long coat. 

I knocked, and was motioned in. I stood in front of her desk, expecting her to introduce herself. Instead, see stared dead into my eyes, piercing through me easily. I could not bare to meet her gaze. It was then I knew that she had me, the power structure was immediately established. 

“Take off your jacket.”
I obeyed, disrobing myself and showing the fine underwear Mistress Bethany hand picked for me to wear today. She grabbed me by a tuft of hair on my head, and slammed me against the wall, face-first. She got on her knees, and began groping and gently tapping my bum. I started to really enjoy knowing she was staring right at my butt, and apparently finding its qualities to her liking. 

After one shift slap across my right butt cheek, she ripped the undies straight off of me, and bent me over her coach to inspect my holes. Mistress Bethany had them freshly shaven and cleaned – hoping to presented the cleanest, most naked possible specimen. 

“Your holes are really tight. Just the way I want them.” 

I could feel the weight of her eyes on my asshole, a site only she and my mistress have ever witnessed. 

She flipped me over, and with another singular slap to my slavecunt, went to retrieve her strapon from her desk. When she began pounding my pussy, I winced in pain. She noticed. 

That will not do.”

She grabbed me by the hips, pulled me off her desk, only to flip me back on with my belly down, and pulled my left leg into the air. 

If you can’t appreciate a free woman choosing to stimulate your slavecunt, then you will appreciate it in your ass. Otherwise, Bethany will here all about how horrible you were.”

I held my breath and bit my lip as she entered me there. For the rest of the afternoon, she laid waste to my asshole, colonizing it with her plastic cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum to terms with it – Mistress Bethany did train me to be a proper slave, after all.